I Pad & Hotmail problem logging off

  iscanut 19:47 10 Jan 2013

I have just bought an I Pad ( Yes..I know ! ). It is a shared one between my wife and myself. We both have separate Hotmail accounts and whilst we have no problems with seeing each others mail etc, we would like to have privacy for each of us. Unless I am missing the obvious, I cannot see how to actually log out of a Hotmail session so that none of the mail, contacts etc show. Whatever I do, I cannot see how to log out in the same way that one does when using a Windows based machine. I realise that we sign in to Hotmail with our own unique password but is is logging out that is bugging me. Can anyone help please ?

  iscanut 19:48 10 Jan 2013

PS Dont know where the &amp came from !!!

  northumbria61 19:52 10 Jan 2013

Anything here to help? enter link description here

  northumbria61 19:53 10 Jan 2013

AND from Apple Support enter link description here

  iscanut 20:20 10 Jan 2013

northumbria61..thanks for that. Looks like the I Pad should not be used for multiple, separate Hotmail accounts. Seems very cumbersome to have to set up and then delete after each session unless anyone else has an answer to those on the two links above.

  iscanut 22:14 10 Jan 2013

Since posting I have played around with this. It is easy enough to delete the account and then log on again in another session by setting it up again by just entering one's Hotmail address and password.

  northumbria61 17:08 11 Jan 2013

iscanut2 - thanks for the feedback. Glad you got it sorted. They say an APPLE a day keeps the doctor away!

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