i out of 7 Windows updates wont install

  gudda96 09:02 15 Nov 2006

Hi There

I have just downloaded 7 windows updates manually (why I dont know as I am set to Auotomatically download).

I then installed as usual but 1 did not install, it was (Security Update for Flash Player (KB923789))

Any ideas please

  anskyber 09:30 15 Nov 2006

Interesting, that update was not part of the November release as far as I can see. There have been recentflashplayer issues which are usually fixed after usung the unistaller from Adobe then reinstall. The patch may load after that.

Uninstall. click here

Install. click here

  anskyber 10:12 15 Nov 2006

Yes, so am I it looks a little odd to me, I could not find it either.

  anskyber 10:48 15 Nov 2006

In that case the uninstall /reinstall the latest version route from my links above seems the best outcome.

  gudda96 18:03 15 Nov 2006

Thanks guys for your answers, what do you suggest I do then, if anything?

  anskyber 18:14 15 Nov 2006

You do not have the latest version of Flashplayer the link from Coff provides info and explains the reasons for the patch and it contains a link to the Adobe site for futher info again.

The Adobe site recommends updating to the latest Flashplayer.

So, uninstall Flashplayer using the uninstall link I posted and reinstall using the install link I posted. If you do not want Yahoo toolbar don't forget to uncheck it on the download page.

You should not need to download the MS patch after that.

  gudda96 12:00 17 Nov 2006

Hi Guys

Did what you said, uninstall/install and all ok thanks

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