I only want to print some labels.

  bumpkin 21:28 10 Jan 2012

I only want to print some labels, why is everything so difficult? Bought the labels 65 on A4 sheets that is fine. Just needed a bit of free software from avery to do the template. Got that OK, fine I thought but no. I wants to start writing half way down the label instead of starting at the top, tried the obvious things like backspace but it wont do it. Any ideas please.


  Sea Urchin 21:42 10 Jan 2012

If you only type one line it will be placed half way down the label, but as you type further down it will space itself symetrically from top to bottom. Try it and see.

  bumpkin 21:49 10 Jan 2012

Correction to my posting. The software wants to start text halfway down the page not me. Apologies

  Sea Urchin 21:53 10 Jan 2012

Yes, that's what I thought, but as I said the first line typed onto the label will always start in the middle.

  lotvic 22:27 10 Jan 2012

What is the free software from Avery you got to do the template? (provide a link so we can see what you got) and which version of Word are you using?

  woodchip 22:39 10 Jan 2012

If you only want to do one Label, Use the Control Key Plus Enter Key to get to the Last Label on the Sheet then type what you want on the Label and print it

  bumpkin 22:47 10 Jan 2012

Hi, thanks to both for your replies, Sea Urchin was right. I would not expect to start in the middle of the page and then work up and down but so be it :-)


  bumpkin 23:19 10 Jan 2012

Hi again I though I had this sorted, the text will start from the middle and expand to fill the "cell" or "label" which is fine but it won`t print in the correct place. Tricky to explain, say I want to print my name and address for example, first three lines will be printed at the bottom of one label and the rest at the top of the label below. So everything printing OK but in the wrong place. It is like there is a header or something pushing everything down the page by half a label so nothing lines up.

  hastelloy 08:23 11 Jan 2012

Don't know the software you're using (Word will do this) but it sounds as if you have it set to the wrong label type.

  catpwss 12:38 11 Jan 2012
  Sea Urchin 12:40 11 Jan 2012

Check in Control Panel/Printers - right click on your printer and select Properties. Look in Preferences (or Options or similar - depends on your printer) and make sure your default paper size is A4 and not Letter. If that is correct then I would agree with marvin42 - your template is not correct for the type of labels you are using.

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