I need a Time Calculator

  Audeal 16:30 20 Jun 2003

Hi All. I have just spent all afternoon searching Google and others, looking for a Time Calculator.

All I need is a simple Calculator in Base 60 so I can addup time. For example 0:18:34 + 0:23:15 = 0:41:49 (I hope I got that right), (In HH;MM:SS). It is amazing that such a simple thing is so hard to find.

Any help would be appreciated. Audeal

  Audeal 16:49 20 Jun 2003

Thanks (007?) but I don't use excell, in fact I don't know what it is although I think it is a Spreadsheet. A simple calculator will do nicely thanks.

  bremner 17:02 20 Jun 2003

click here for an online one

  Belatucadrus 20:07 20 Jun 2003

click here for Breitling world time, it will do all the time calculations you want and then some.

  Audeal 20:21 20 Jun 2003

Megatyte. I do not have Excel so therefor it is not installed.

GroupFC. I do not think that I will need to go above 24 hours, but I do not have Excel.

bremner. That one does not give me the seconds which are vital for my calculation. I need it to add-up the length of times of video clips that I record.

VoG®. I have put that one into my Favorites for now and will check it out later as I am a bit pushed for time right now. By the way, The monitor is going fine. Thanks.

Jester2K II. 24 hours is not needed. I do not think that I will have that much footage to be timed. Thanks anyway.

jazzypop. I do not need to convert the base number but I need to work in base 60 so I can add or calculate timing lists in HH:MM:SS which as you know works in base 60. Thanks anyway.

Thanks Belatucadrus. I will take a look at that later.

  Audeal 00:30 21 Jun 2003

OK. I have now checked the links given by VoG® and jazzypop and I have decided that, although they both give me what I want, the link from jazzypop is the best one as it is a dedicated calculator for the job in hand.

I thank you all for your suggestions and help.


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