i need a sound proofed case

  pinka 09:13 27 Sep 2003

hi ,
i recently got a modded case , fancy lights big window , you know the sort , but its noisy as hell . i like the look of some of those thermaltake , but was wondering how good they are or if anyone could link me to some other manufacturers . one criteria must be met though : its got to be black . (and quiet)

  goonerbill 09:37 27 Sep 2003

why change ya case if ya like it. most of the noise will be coming from ya PSU, so why not just get a silent one. got CWT silent PSU for my noisy system and noise have dropped by over 50%, only got to get quite fans for the rest of the system now.

also ya can get noise dampening kits to fit inside the case.

  pinka 09:58 27 Sep 2003

ive always assumed ones about as loud as another , i currently use a qtec 450w twin fan . links to quiet psu with that sort of wattage would be useful .

  Forum Editor 10:38 27 Sep 2003

as a sound-proof case. To be truly sound-proof the case would also have to be air-tight, and that isn't a viable proposition. With a case that has to be cooled by exhaust fans, air needs to move in and out of the case, and therefore sound will do the same.

There are lots of things you can do to make things quieter however, and one of them (silent PSU) is outlined by goonerbill.

You can alter the harmonics of the case very simply - just stick strips of thick adhesive tape to the inside surfaces. This works on the same principle as the patches of black material that are stuck to the underside of metal sinks - they are there as dampers to alter the harmonics of the metal structure so it doesn't make such a clashing 'metallic' sound when hard objects come into contact with it.

You can also substitute 'quiet' fans for the standard ones on your CPU and graphics card, and you can alter the position of the case. By this I mean move it to a position where sound is minimised. You would be surprised at the difference this can make, particularly if the case is in a corner of the room - that's the worst position from the noise point of view.

  pinka 10:44 27 Sep 2003

im aware of the need for hot air to be removed from the case , and as such it will never be totally silent , but i realised how noisy mine was when doing some repairs to a friends dell alongside my pc .

  -pops- 10:51 27 Sep 2003

Be very wary of bunging loads of acoustic padding in and around the case.

An amount of noise from your machine is important and useful in the diagnosis of mechanical failures inside such as bearing wear in fans, total breakdown of fans, mechanical failure of hard drives and such like. Hearing these can help avoid expensive repair bills.

The suggestions made above are far superior - use quiet components rather than disguising or muffling the noise. That way faults will be even easier to identify.


  Patr100 11:16 27 Sep 2003

Have a look here

click here

  Stuartli 12:45 27 Sep 2003

But if you reduce the noise level you will surely be able to hear any problems more easily...?

Case walls will heighten noise levels (stand in your property's side entry when a jet is going over, for instance, and it will sound far louder than in the open), so deadening the reverberation should reveal rogue noises.

  pinka 12:50 27 Sep 2003

as i said i have a large window and as such can monitor all fans by looking through it .

  -pops- 12:52 27 Sep 2003

No, my point was using felt sheets and suchlike to muffle the noise level - where noise is blocked but not actually reduced.

If noise is truly reduced by using quiet components (the preferred way) then mechanical noise faults will be all the more apparent and not hidden behind a load of acoustic wadding.

  pinka 12:59 27 Sep 2003

that is my psu , this is the loudest component in my system , the fan on my video card is hardly audible , the hard drives pretty quiet too , ive never heard any of the rattling that some people say they get , and the case fans arent very loud either . can someone suggest a psu that would suit . it must be 400w at least .

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