I need some space

  dvdcllns 12:00 01 Feb 2010

I'm trying to get rid of unnecessary items on the HDD; can I delete the following safely?

Microsoft.NET framework 2.0 service pack 2
Microsoft.NET framework 3.0 service pack 2

I have Microsoft.NET framework 3.5 SP1


  birdface 12:39 01 Feb 2010

As far as I know you have to keep the old versions as some programs may not work without them.

  gel 16:43 01 Feb 2010

M S .Net framework-What does it do?
See Item
Sun, 24/01/[email protected]:38


  jamesd1981 17:01 01 Feb 2010

not sure exactly what it does but i do know a vast majority of up to date hardware and software require minimum of net framework 2.0

  bremner 17:18 01 Feb 2010

Not every application is forward compatible with newer versions of NET framework.

So YES you should keep the old versions.

  john bunyan 17:25 01 Feb 2010

Some links here:
click here

  dvdcllns 08:40 02 Feb 2010

Thanks for the advice, I'll leave them in.

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