I need some help Please

  poprob 21:55 26 Dec 2003

My son or his mate borrowed/used my machine during the weekend while I was away and he has less of an idea than I have so thats none,he said he d/loaded an anti virus/trojan prog and ran it,it was supposed to come up with"viruses found..Type PCHD.EXE Then BPC Post.EXE then NAVBrowse.EXEscanreg/restore"
Well he believed and promptly destoyed them as recommended and guess what my homepage comes up blank no restore friendsreunited blank.I havn't a clue,by the way I have AVG in here they did have the sense to write down what went.But I havn't a clue only the probs I have now.Anyone help PLEASE I wont be back till much later my os is ME.
Thanks to the brains on here in advance.

  VoG II 22:08 26 Dec 2003

Have you tried System Restore?

  critic-al 22:08 26 Dec 2003

what happens when you go into internet options in control panel and re-enter your home page?

  poprob 22:19 26 Dec 2003

No system restore whatso ever.Al I'm not worried about the homepage I've made PCA homepage the title comes up and no page for freeserve

  woodchip 22:21 26 Dec 2003

Why not run setup from the WinME disc. Over its self

  poprob 22:28 26 Dec 2003

woodchip I bought the pc from Time and got no disc otherwise I would start all over again because I'm fed up with problems most being self inflicted some times with help from family

  poprob 22:30 26 Dec 2003

I have to go now Wife doesn't like driving at night, and it cant be put off, thanks so far anyway.

  Gaz 25 23:43 26 Dec 2003

Start again...

Download drivers from Times website.

  VoG II 00:01 27 Dec 2003

If you're not worried about the home page, I don't quite understand what your problem is. Are you saying that some web pages come up blank? Is that the only problem?

Remember, we can't see your PC so you'll have to give a detailed explanation of what's happening so that someone can help you to sort it.

  poprob 06:21 27 Dec 2003

VoG. Yes some web pages come up blank,they look as tho' they are loading normally then nothing on the screen except the address bar with the name of the site on it,The more worrying thing is no system restore,I go into system tools in the accessorys menu click on system restore and nothing, all else seems to be working ok and no more freezes which is why they decided to try to cure in the first place.

  VoG II 08:55 27 Dec 2003

Have a look for a file called C:\windows\hosts

If it exists it has no file extension (like .txt, .jpg etc)

If you find this file, rename it to hosts.old then reboot and see what happens.

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