I need a software manual

  mcheathen 01:29 01 Aug 2014

for Pegasus Operations II - anyone got I download link?

searched on Google to no avail.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:41 01 Aug 2014

Do you mean Pegasus Opera II?

  mcheathen 14:45 01 Aug 2014

No not Opera, but Operations. Even an actual old fashioned/hard copy book will do.

I can't approach the company, because I don't own the software. I use it at my workplace and I don't have the time to explore the software or to get a deeper knowledge and understanding of it. So even a book out of the library will do. Unfortunately Google is not giving anything away on this one.

  QuizMan 17:11 01 Aug 2014

Are you sure it is nothing to do with Fruit Bat's link? I am looking at Pegasus Operations II website and if you click on one of the menus (e.g. Software Overview) it refers to Opera 3. This infers that Operations II and Opera II are one and the same.

  mcheathen 14:51 04 Aug 2014


If you read the bottom of th eweb page you will see the following which distinguishes between Opperations and Opera:

**Why should I consider purchasing Operations II as well as Opera 3? Control - telling the shop floor what is to be made, in what quantity and when to start the process. Operations II enhances your control by letting you know where you are in this process, how long it will take to finish, which components you have used or scrapped, whether there are stock shortages, and how much this has cost to-date. Operations II is designed to enable you to plan your work more effectively. What is the relationship between Opera 3 and Operations II? Operations II is a sister package to Opera 3. Just like Opera 3, Operations II consists of a suite of applications, which you can pick and choose from to meet your business requirements. Operations II directly links to Opera 3 so that credit terms are accessed, invoices are posted, customer, supplier and nominal accounts are updated. Direct integration of the accounting and manufacturing systems from one vendor provides a robust solution traditionally found only in larger and more expensi**ve systems.

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