I need a second mailbox in Outlook

  Fred from Dorking 18:00 19 Aug 2003

I have two e-mail addresses with separate ISPs and I need to set up two mailboxes within Outlook each with inbox/sent/contacts etc. When I open Outlook I want to be able to receive and send both simultaneously. At present I have one in Outlook and the other in Outlook Express

I have bought 2 Outlook guides both of which hint that it can be done but don't tell me how! Help Desk can't help either - they only use Outlook Express I'm told.

If any one knows, I'm a novice so please explain gently...

  madPentium 18:41 19 Aug 2003

well, first of all, what version of outlook are you using?
If you are using outlook 2000 I believe you can go to tools, accounts, (same as OE) and add a new account.
I have been using outlook 2002 for a while now and cant remember 2000 that well. In 2002 you go to tools/email accounts and select add.
I think in bother versions you can get to the accounts from tools/options and mail settings.

  krypt1c 18:49 19 Aug 2003

Don't forget you won't be able to send from both ISPs unless you amend the SMTP server. If you have say Freeserve & Virgin and you connect with Freeserve you will be able to retrieve Virgin mail but not send it unless you change the Virgin SMTP server to be the Freeserve one, or vive versa

  whybe 23:51 19 Aug 2003

To try and not make this too complicated and to enable you to have effectively two separate Outlook Systems (you mention separate Inbox etc.) You need to create another Outlook Profile and then a separate email account. I hope I haven't lost you. The best way to do this is to type 'profile' into your Office Assistant Help screen or use Help and then click on create profile. This will guide you through the procedure. When complete that is done you create an email account, through tools with your new profile being the recepient. You will need to know your second ISP's POP3 and SMTP address and your username, password etc. Hope this helps.

  Fred from Dorking 06:57 20 Aug 2003

I am away from my PC today but this looks very interesting. Many thanks to you for your input, especially to whybe for an easy to understand response.

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