I need to replace my PC

  Palken 20:02 28 Sep 2013

Hi All

Thanks for letting me join your forum.

My current PC is becoming cranky and I need to buy a new desktop PC.

Finding one is proving a daunting business. I have been researching processors and what with Bulldozers, Pile Drivers I3, I5 and I7s I am totally confused. Add to this the array of Video cards and my stack is blown.

I need a computer on which I can word process, use spread sheets, surf the net, play games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars II, Skyrim, mess around with Visual Basic and Video edit.

My current system comprises of and AMD Phenom II X4 840 processor, a Radeon HD 6700 series graphics card, 8 Gig memory and a 1 TB hard disk. It really does all I want but has trouble running the games mentioned in ultra and stutters a bit on video editing.

I have set myself a budget of between £600 and £700 which sensibly is all I can afford.

I would really appreciate your help.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:02 28 Sep 2013
  rdave13 21:35 28 Sep 2013

Or how about using your hard drive in this, link, then installing this, link, using this method, link, and going for something like this, link.

About a hundred squids over budget but a monster of a machine for the money :)

  Palken 10:35 29 Sep 2013

Hi Forum Fool, Fruit Bat, Rdave13

Thanks all for you prompt replies and valuable advice.

The most I can justify is £700 and a little less would be more comfortable.

One of the problems I have is that I have mislaid or lost my original Window 7 disks and so that will add to the cost. I suppose if I installed my existing hard disk to a new system that would overcome the problem but I really need back up OS disks. I had thought I would add my existing disk to the new PC and so get 2 TB. I was also hoping I could add my memory and so only have to buy 8Gb but I guess memory has improved in the meantime and mine will not be compatible.

The Chillblast Fusion Chimera is a nice system and well within budget but I note the reference to casual gaming. What does that mean? My existing system struggle to play Skyrim in ultra but manage high ok. How would the Chillblast compare?

The Novatech Barebone Bundle makes me drool but outside my budget and would test my modest PC skills I think.

Best Regards Ken.

  spuds 10:46 29 Sep 2013

Perhaps of little help, but you will find that most computer manufacturer's keep within the same price range with specifications on certain types of computers. Depending on how high you are with gaming, then expect a high price tag.

The other consideration if using existing parts, is the compatibility of the components, so best to check with the manufacturer or retailer 'before' making a wrong purchase. As you may have already noticed, there is some very good contributor's to this forum, and their help can be very rewarding and time saving.

  lotvic 11:04 29 Sep 2013

You can burn your own W7 installation DVD and use your existing product key with it. Download the official Microsoft W7.iso from DigitalRiver. Scroll down page to the English USA SP1 U (media refresh) versions click here

  rdave13 11:49 29 Sep 2013

How about configuring your own, have a look here.

  martd7 11:56 29 Sep 2013

Chillblast chimera has quite a poor graphics card thats why the specs state for the casual gamer,you need to purchase something like a nvidia gtx660 graphics card for it

  martd7 12:02 29 Sep 2013

This is better for gaming still under budget

click here

  Palken 19:40 29 Sep 2013

Thanks again for all the very good advice.

I have found my windows 7 installation disks but thanks for info lotvic think I will burn back up disks anyway.

Configuring a system is a fascinating choice but my mind gets blown by all the options.

I think I am homing in on either the Fusion Kestrel or Fusion Vector. Since I have now found my OS disks the included OS of the Kestrel is now not so attractive and I am not sure about the benefits of windows 8. The Fusion is equipped with the GTX660 graphics card recommended by mart7 and so I think I am erring towards this system.

Still open to suggestions so keep the advice coming please.

Best Regards Ken.

  rdave13 19:54 29 Sep 2013

Palken , back to my post of "Yesterday at 9:35PM", remove the need for an OS and you're down to £729.98


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