I need a laptop???

  NaunidhK 20:03 12 Sep 2014

Hello everyone! I'm a student in school looking to get a new laptop because mine is absolute junk. I want to do my essays on there, graphic designing and video editing. Any laptop will do but I'm thinking a MacBook Pro Retina or a high spec laptop. Budget = up to £1000

  rdave13 20:17 12 Sep 2014

This site, Hubpages , should give you a lot of useful information for your search.

Apple will be expensive so if you decide on a Windows one I'd recommend a minimum of 8GB ram. Just my humble opinion.

Good hunting as a grand should get you a decent laptop.

  Jollyjohn 15:08 13 Sep 2014

Nice as the Mac book is, it is only a 13" screen. For graphic design work and video editing I would want at least a 17" screen. An external monitor for this work, if supported by the Mac Book, would be a reasonable compromise.

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