i need to know how to disable a annoying question

  james richardson 13:33 13 Dec 2015

are you sure you want to leave this page from windows

  rdave13 13:56 13 Dec 2015

I think that's a pop-up from the site you're on rather than Windows.

  wee eddie 14:20 13 Dec 2015

This is similar to a Pop-up on Facebook that occurs, when you have started a response, but not posted it and are trying to leave the site

  Forum Editor 14:48 13 Dec 2015

The annoying question is, as the others have suggested, coming from the site you are on - it is nothing to do with Windows.

  lotvic 19:42 13 Dec 2015

I find clicking on the x on the tab again instead of their Yes/No in the popup box closes the page. I do it that way because I'm thinking "don't want to send the site a message, just want page to close". Prob makes no diff, but makes me feel more in control :)

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