I need help with which computer to purchase

  WentworthThomas 15:55 27 Oct 2015

I have no idea what I'm doing with choosing a desktop computer and I just need some help with what I should get. I will use it for gaming and for work at home. Thank you.

  The Kestrel 18:46 27 Oct 2015

We need a bit more detail if we are to help you. Which games would you like to play? What software will you need to use for your work at home and any hobbies e.g. photo editing?

  bumpkin 19:02 27 Oct 2015

You will get lots of advice if you explain exactly what you want to use it for, without that information no one can even take a reasonable guess.

  WentworthThomas 21:57 27 Oct 2015

Thank you for replying and it will be games like Gmod and CS:GO also the work at home will just be very basic tasks using Microsoft word and power point.

  The Kestrel 23:27 28 Oct 2015

Looking at the minimum specs for the games you list you don't need a true gaming PC. It really depends upon what your budget is. You could get something that would do what you want for around £300. his one from PC World would do all you need click here If you can spend another £100 you can go to the next level of Intel processor click here

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