I need help upgrading a PC please.

  Corbett Mark II 09:38 30 Jan 2017

Hi, I'm new here. My PC is outdated and I'd like to upgrade, but would like to keep power supply and mother board. Can someone tell me the best video card, hard drive, memory or anytging else I can use on an ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe? Power supply is 850 watts. Also I have three working fans in my tower.

Thanks in advance.

  Corbett Mark II 09:40 30 Jan 2017

Sorry, also I'm running windows 10. I wanted 64 but I somehow ended up with 32. Can that be upgraded to 32? I bought Windows 10 and installed it last night.

  Jollyjohn 10:08 30 Jan 2017

If you have managed to get W10 running on your PC, well done. Your motherboard supports a maximum of 2GB RAM. W10 really needs more than that.

I would suggest you google "Barebones Kits" and see what comes up. You will need to move your Hard drive across to the new PC and possibly dvd / cd drives.

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