I need help switching my router

  Alfred Adnarim 01:35 28 Nov 2016

Hi my mom bought wifi she is paying around 40$ per month for it and at the moment it is horrible we barley get 1mbps and videos take forever to load. I was wondering if getting a new router would help speed it up a bit and if so how would we go about doing that?

  Belatucadrus 11:00 28 Nov 2016

Best tell people how the Wi Fi is being supplied and what hardware is being used, that will allow those with the appropriate knowledge to judge what hardware improvements can be made and what if anything it would achieve.

  Archonar 14:21 28 Nov 2016

I wouldn't get a new router just yet, since that may not be the cause of the issue. As said above, some more information would be good, who your provider is, what speed they said you would have, what router you have. Also try searching for internet speeds by location and enter your location to see what speeds you should be expecting.

I would start by getting in touch with the provider and they will investigate why it is so slow. If they provided your router and they find that it is causing the slow internet then they should replace it free of charge. If it's not the router then they should also fix the problem to get your internet up to speed.

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