I need help with parts and components :)

  jack1988 18:58 18 Dec 2012

Hello im buying a gaming pc and im wondering the parts i picked will be compatible and work to its highest ability :) thank you for your help :)


  Chronos the 2nd 09:38 19 Dec 2012

As you have not mentioned your overall budget it is tricky to suggest alternatives but:

The motherboard,though a very good one, is way over the top for ordinary users. I personally think that ATX motherboards are to big for most of us and unless you really need the extra PCI-E slots for Crossfire/SLI then a M-ATX is well big enough.something like the ASUS P8Z77-M or the Gigabyte Z77MX-D3H.

You should be looking for a GTX 670 minimum for your graphics card.

Not overly keen on the case, quite large and unless you are going be water cooling your components will look a bit lonely in there. But cases are a personal choice as you are the one who will be lo0king at it.

A small SSD (128GB) is an excellent addition,they are pretty cheap and an ideal size for your operating system and programs with everything else on the 1TB HDD.

  jack1988 20:56 19 Dec 2012

Hi thanks and my budget is around £1.250 - £1.350 :)

  Chronos the 2nd 09:29 20 Dec 2012

I am not sure if you are building or buying. As a guy who builds all my PC's I am a great fan as you get the set up you want and learn so much about the workings of a PC. But it does have it's pitfalls, things do go wrong but I feel that is part of the whole build process.

It used to be that it was cheaper to build your own, I am not sure that that is necessarily true these days, certainly not so much cheaper anyway.

You are looking to spen a fair chunk of cash and you might want to look at these companies.

Chilblast. and in particular the Thunderbird or the Marine.

PCspecialist. and configure a build.

Building a PC is a little more expensive but you do get the spec you want and it has been built and tested and you have support should anything go wrong. Not as much fun as choosing your components,waiting for delivery,putting it all together and finally booting up and it (hopefully) bursts into life.

Obne other thing you do not mention whether your budget needs to include operating system, monitor,keyboard,mouse and speakers?

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