I need help with my system (Answer assoon as pos.)

  AbZtraCt 00:19 11 Apr 2017

Hi, I have just got a GTX 1060 Superclocked 3GB from EVGA and when i tried installing it , i get a error saying: "system thread exception not handled" what do i do? I have restored windows it doesnt work, i have tried entering safemode it , I tried reinstalling windows and it works fine but when i go to install my motherboard drivers the system error comes back. Please help!!!! :'(

  Archonar 08:50 11 Apr 2017

You need to install the newest gtx 1060 drivers from here click here, that error is almost always caused by an issue with the graphics drivers. Try that and then get back to us.

  alanrwood 09:52 11 Apr 2017

Good advice from Archonar

  AbZtraCt 14:37 11 Apr 2017

Okay i have just noticed i get the system error when try to install my motherboard drivers, what do i do now? :(

  Archonar 22:54 11 Apr 2017

What do you mean motherboard drivers? What drivers are you trying to install (specifically) and what is the 'system error'? Is there an error message or code?

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