I need help with my gaming pc !

  jack1988 18:17 18 Dec 2012

Hello im buying a gaming pc and i would like your opinion's on some of the parts i picked will they work well together and perform to what they are made to do.


  nickf 00:14 19 Dec 2012

Parts look fine , are you building yourself ? whats your budget ?

  jack1988 20:55 19 Dec 2012

MY budget is about £1.250 -£1.350 and yea :)

  jack1988 20:55 19 Dec 2012

MY budget is about £1.250 -£1.350 and yea :)

  nickf 21:04 19 Dec 2012

Wll that be including peripherals , like monitor, keyboard etc ?

  jack1988 21:06 19 Dec 2012

Yea :)

  nickf 21:13 19 Dec 2012

On my phone at the moment , will be online inabout 30 mins , see what we can come up wth .

  nickf 21:56 19 Dec 2012

Right , a quick look around , Your memory is good ( I use exact same in my system ) MoBo is good , ( I use that too ) The case looks ok , I always feel that is down to personal choice on looks as most have almost identical specs in same price range . The H80 liquid cooling is good ( I use the H100 , this is getting spooky ! lol )tho maybe a bit overkill , unless you are going to overclock . . Double check the case specs for radiator fitment . Good GPU , tho you can get better cheaper e.g.http://www.scan.co.uk/products/3gb-evga-gtx-660-ti-superclockedplus-28nm-pcie-30-6008mhz-gddr5-gpu-980mhz-boost-1059mhz-cores-1344- , and as a rule I would recommend spending on monitor what you spend on GPU roughly . You don't include a sound card on your list , I personally would , you will reap the benefits in game play . This model seems to be a good value and popular choice http://www.scan.co.uk/products/asus-xonar-dg-51-pci-sound-card-and-headphone-ampifier-oem . PSU is good , and leaves you room to add another card . Don't forget to factor in other costs , eg OS ( like me on my first build ! )

  jack1988 22:31 19 Dec 2012

Thanks for your help :) i will take into consideration what you said about some parts :)

  nickf 22:37 19 Dec 2012

Good luck , happy Xmas :-)

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