I NEED HELP FAST WITH PC - no signal on monitor

  albin321321 00:13 21 Jul 2018

so... ive just build my first pc and when i plug in all the cables and try to start it i get "no signal" on the monitor. the fans and cpu cooler and led lights are working just fine. ive tried taking out the gpu and placing it back in but still no signal. even when i disconect the gpu and try to start with hdmi or dvi from motherboard i still get no signal. i think the cpu power cable is the problem. i need to know what im doing wrong. thanks

  wiganken2 08:25 21 Jul 2018

It seems you have tried both HDMI and DVI cables so chances of there being a fault in both cables is slim but have you made sure the HDMI/DVI cables are seated into the monitor properly? Also could it be a faulty monitor affecting both HDMI and DVI inputs? I don't understand your "cpu power cable" comment because CPUs do not have power cables, they fit directly into the motherboard CPU socket and get their power from there. Did you mean "GPU power cable"? If so then can you see if there is a fan on the GPU and, if so, is it spinning around?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:52 21 Jul 2018

depending on motherboard type there may be a 4 or 6 pin power supply yo cpu locarted near the cpu

make and model of motherboard??

  wee eddie 17:53 21 Jul 2018

Do you get a POST Beep?

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