I need help from 'Eusing Reg Clean' users

  Graphicool1 09:48 02 Nov 2009


For some time now I've been having trouble with my PC WinXP SP3. It struggles if I try to get it to do more than one thing at a time. I've run all the virus tests etc and it always comes up smelling of roses. But I get random freezing, the cursor still moves but that's all. I usually reboot at this stage, although if I want to wait, it sometimes sorts itself out. But it takes a phenomenal length of time, moving painfully slow speeding up bit by bit.

All the checks, tests and web surfing points to the registry as being the source of my problem. I've used various cleaners in the past, which I've found to be ok when it's just a matter of a few minor glitches. You can't beat CCleaner for this type of housework. I can't remember the names of all the others I've tried recently, but here are a few...

Auslogics Reg-Cleaner
Windows System Care (or something like that)

As I said, I've used them in the past and been pleased with them. However they are each now telling me my PC has around 500 problems. The problems they point up are consistent with each other. I think the main problem seems to be in the links. But hereby lies the rub, I've tried to fix the problem using those above and others. But the outcome is nearly always the same. They make my PC worse, so I have to roll the registry back to how it was.

So having heard people on this forum waxing lyrical or at least singing the praises of 'Eusing' I downloaded and ran a reg check. It is telling me it has found 1,191 problems. What would you do?! I look forward to hearing from you?

  provider 2 10:34 02 Nov 2009

I think there is a problem with Eusing, mainly to do with its not being updated.

I used it regularly for a year or two but went back to Ccleaner reg cleaner after Eusing damaged IE 8 badly enough that I had to `merge` the back- up to restore IE.

It seems to me that Ccleaner is perfectly adequate and above all, safer than most.

  Graphicool1 11:35 02 Nov 2009

Good to have your input. At the moment I was about to run 'scannow' I was looking at this site on the Web...
click here
They are saying that scannow will look for a folder named 'dllcache'. Where it stores all the important system files. They tell you where to find it. I followed the path, but couldn't find the folder. So I ran 'AgentRansack' and it found the folder, inside another folder called 'XPS VIEWER'. I'm thinking that perhaps it shouldn't be in there and maybe I should bring it out and place it in the path it should be?

Also they say you should make certain you install the 'I386' folder from the WinXP disc. But when I ran a check, it would seem that I already have 11 instances of this in different locations. But in the registry it says to look on the 'D'(DVD Drive) for it. They say that if that's the case you should change the 'D' to 'C' then reboot. When you now run scannow it will look in the 'C' drive path and not ask for the disk.

I'm thinking that if this is correct, then people without a full XP disk might also be able to do this? They are calling it a work-around, but it could be a blessing in disguise. It remains to be seen when I give it a try. So until then, 'Don't try this at home folks'

PS my spell checker thinks 'dllcache' should be 'fly catcher' I only wish it was.

  sunnystaines 12:37 02 Nov 2009

have you run SFC? It may just be a damaged dll.

corrupted intellipoint mouse software can cause this.

as for reg cleaners they can be good one one computer but mess another.
never had a problem with eusing, AWC, OR ccleaner.

  provider 2 12:55 02 Nov 2009

I hesitate to comment, mainly because you are already dealing with stuff that`s out of my depth.

All I will say is I think you are right to be looking for some sort of repair job, the probability being that one or more of the reg cleaners you have been using has done enough damage to cause the problems you have described, though it has not become evident until later and perhaps with a compounded, cumulative effect.

Perhaps I haven`t looked hard enough but I`ve never found a satisfactory answer to the question of whether sfc /scannow is of any use if you haven`t ever had an XP disc, the OS being on a locked partition (usually, in the `D` Drive 1386) I think it`s called.

My experience is mostly of hp, where you are advised to make repair discs when the system is new, and comes with the software to do so already pre-installed.

In any case, I look forward to seeing what others have to say and to your eventual solution.

  Graphicool1 13:08 02 Nov 2009

I was just about to run SFC, however I have a slight problem I've followed the path that is supposed to take you to 'dllcache' that is...
Except there isn't a dllcache folder at the end. I clicked show all hidden folders, still nothing? Yet when I run Agent Ransack' it finds it at the end of that path and shows it to me. Yet even with that still open and viewable. I follow the path it shows and it still isn't there. I think that no wonder my registry is having problems!

As for CCleaner I haven't had any problems with it either. But I always feel that it's only ever skimming the surface.

Regarding Eusing, if running SFC doesn't do the trick. Are you saying that if you were me, you would let Eusing lose on your PC to clean the 1,191 problems it says it has found?

  GaT7 13:25 02 Nov 2009

I stopped using these so-called registry cleaners a few years ago as I found they were bringing up many false-positives.

If my system feels a bit sluggish these days I just reinstall afresh, or restore from a backed-up, good image. G

  Graphicool1 13:49 02 Nov 2009

However in answer to your suggestions, as good as they may seem on the face of it...

Reinstalling from fresh isn't really an option for me, unless it proves to be the only option. As I have so many progammes installed and so much external hardware, that would all have to be reinstalled. It's a nightmare just thinking about it!

As for restoring from a backed up good image. I know it's a failing on my part. But that's just one of those things I always meant to do, but never actually got round to doing.

  provider 2 14:00 02 Nov 2009

For what it`s worth, I think it could well be a major error to let Eusing loose at this point for it could make things incalculably worse.

Restoration is what I think you should be looking for rather than yet more deleting.

Sorry to be of no great help.

  sunnystaines 14:19 02 Nov 2009

it a major fault is in there leave thr reg cleaners alone for now as any corruption would confuse the reg cleaner and make it worse.

when i run SFC [helped a few times in the past] i just place the windows disc in drive and run it.

if you do not have an original windows disc can you borrow one.

  Graphicool1 14:55 02 Nov 2009

Provider 2

I ran this thread for that very reason. Eusing is saying I have twice as many reg problems than any of the other reg cleaners have said. Never having used it, I was suspicious about its findings, hence my cry for support from those who swear by it!


Out of those who still use it, you are (so far) the only one who has come forward with any support for it. However, even you feel uneasy about giving it free reign in this matter. I appreciate your candour and concern.

You guys have given added credence to my own feelings. As such and failing any other suggestions regarding a fix to my go slow and freezing problems, I'll pass on Eusings offer of a fix.

Before this response I did in fact run SFC. I have never run it before. It prompted me for the disc, which I duly inserted. I watched the progress meter for an interminable time till it reached the end. Then without a by or leave, it cleared from the desktop. I waited a few minutes to see if it was going to tell me anything? Nothing, so I removed the disc and I guess that's that? I'll just have to wait and see what happens?

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