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I'm running wind 98se and I used to have a stable connection to the net with Telewest Blueyonder. I also had a version of Norton Antivirus, which was already installed on the HD prior to me owning the PC. A little while back I began getting trouble with Norton Antivirus, I later found out that it was the corporate edition and it was un-registered, so I did the decent thing and removed it from my system, with the intention of getting some new Antivirus software ASAP, and everything worked fine. Then I began getting a problem with my internet connection. It was strange because I could still access my EMail through outlook without a problem, but Internet Explorer developed a problem, it refuses to display web pages, some times it opens up the the home page, for example something like yahoo.com, but when you click on a link or try to open a new pages from the favourates, I get the page cannot be displayed message. I've made 3 expensive calls to Blueyonder's technical support line, who had me doing all kinds of stuff to the internet settings. They have even sent me a new CD Rom to re-install the latest version of the Blueyonder software, same result, the net won't work! I began to wonder if the problem was virus related, so I got hold of this months PC Buyer with Cammand Antivirus free on it. In order to register for free updates I've had to connect to the net using the Pay as GO Tiscali ISP, which is how I've managed to put this message onto the forum. Command has found the W32/Hybris.wormb virus inflection in a file, but told me it couldn't get rid of it.

My main questions are, 1) how do I get shot of the virus if my Antivirus software can't deal with it. 2) Is it the cause of my Blueyonder Problem, I'm assuming it isn't because I've not had any problems with the TIscali connection & 3) If it isn't the cause of the Blueyonder problem, what is? I'm going to be broke if I have to try and contact the technical support line again!

As you can probably guess, I'm not the most technical guy in the world, some straight forward good news would be welcome relief at this point.

JC - (struggling but optimistic)

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Open your win.ini file in Notepad.

Look for a line like

run=fhdhksf.exe (it'll be a name consisting of random letters)

delete that line.


Now search for the file that appeared on the line and delete it.

Download and use AVG6 Free Edition click here instead of Command.

You will need to replace WSOCK32.DLL (might be why you internet connection is knackered) Put your Windows CD in the CD ROM drive and go to Start, Run, type

sfc and hit enter.

then Extract WSOCK32.DLL and put it in windows/system folder.

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click here on how remove properly.. Best of Luck

  hugh-265156 12:54 08 Oct 2003

a b c d f or h?

click here should give you some info on removal.most av`s will say cannot repair but will move it to a quarrintine where its safely deleted.

ps try avg click here

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Ok, which of the above will work and what do I have to do it all in? I must confess, I looked at the link to Symanetec, it confused to hell out of me! Is there a straight, 3 or 4 step process that I can follow, this is really starting to get my nerves and I'm not the most pateint person when it comes to PC's!

Sorry to be so useless!


  hugh-265156 13:59 08 Oct 2003

if you have xp turn off system restore.click start/control panel/system/system restore and tick the off box.

update your current AV and run it.

anything it finds quarintine and delete it.

enable system restore again.


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Its win 98SE, I've tried to find that WSOCK32.dll file on my system disk, I don't appear to have it so I can't carry out the replacement preceedure and I cant find anything in my win.ini file that looks suspicious.

Look, I'm really in confusion city here!


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system disk? Is this the Hard Drive or the CD.

You might have to look in the c:\windows\system folder or system32 folder.

You can carry out the replacement without the original being there.

--- Restore WSOCK32.DLL ---

Win 98:
Run the System File Checker - Start, Run

Press Enter
Choose "Extract one file..."


Click Start, and where it says "Restore from" choose the location of your Win98 cd (Precopy1.cab) or cab files on your hard-drive. Where it says "Save file in"


Press Enter.

Once it's done, you'll need to reboot to complete the installation.

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I have you tried running your anti-virus software in safe mode ? This may help, but as already mentioned you will most likely need to replace the WSOCK32.DLL file. The best place for a step by step guide is Symantec.com - follow the link given by Lozzy - but ignore the technical information and read the removal instructions.
easiest way to get to safemode is to hold the F5 key on boot up. Also do you have the windows 98 CD which you may need if you do need to replace the WSOCK32.DLL file

  [DELETED] 14:37 08 Oct 2003

So if your CD drive is D it'll be


  [DELETED] 15:07 08 Oct 2003

It cannot find Precopy1.cab on the Win System Disk

And I'm still confused!


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