I need a forum..

  Stormpool 15:48 30 Dec 2004

I'm looking for a forum, preferably free for personal use to begin with so that I can get to grips with modifying the code.

I need coldfusion script pages and preferably an SQL database. Though access would do.

I might pay for a fairly good one, but as it's just personal interest I didn't want to spend too much.

Any ideas? Thanks..

  Forum Editor 18:31 30 Dec 2004

(and I think best), forums is this one
click here

No Coldfusion, but you don't need that unless you're planning something really big. Most good web hosts will provide you with at least one SQL database - I wouldn't personally use access for a forum.

If you want to check out an alternative forum format
click here

  Stormpool 09:11 31 Dec 2004

Coldfusion is the language i'm learning, and I would want to see how it was done in cfm and then radically modify it learning more as I go..

I can host everything locally.

  Stormpool 09:38 31 Dec 2004

Had a good search this morning..

click here

getting a bit pricey for me, so I think i'm going to code my own!

  Taran 09:52 31 Dec 2004

You're limited for choice regarding a ColdFusion forum applictaion, unless you're prepared to pay serious money of course.

click here

There are a couple listed on that page, and if you run a few web searches you will find a couple more.

If you wanted PHP, ASP or even .NET you'd have a much greater choice.

However, since it's ColdFusion you want to look at, you could do worse than take a look at this one as well click here

After that, just go Googling for more results.

  Stormpool 10:01 31 Dec 2004

Thanks for that

click here

Was the first link i got to, free download open source, database in access - though I can convert it.

Very happy now @:) I'll set it up and drop a link if it works fine :)

  Stormpool 11:38 31 Dec 2004

It was going great, until

"Additional Modules (Forums. Photo Gallary, Shoutbox, RSS, Calendar, Who's Online, NewLetters, etc....) are being made available by our Awesome members."

Downloaded what they had made available - thought it odd when there was no link to the message board! .. I think it'll be worth the wait though.. the site is good

  Stormpool 11:47 31 Dec 2004

click here

there are available seperately here...

  Stormpool 14:05 31 Dec 2004

click here

I've uploaded the site and added the message board code... seems good to me..

time to play!

there are links on their site showing what other people have done with it.. some modifications are very different.

  LinuxPenguin 03:23 01 Jan 2005

right, i have an awful lot of experience when it comes to forums, installing thewm and modifying them

First of all, what is your budget?

If you can stretch to £40 per year, I recommend vbulletin click here

If you want a one off payment and be done with it, then get invision power board click here - £65 / year, after each year if you dont want any more updates you are allowed to keep the board running

or pay for the vbulletin life licence - £160

if you want a free solution, id reccomend xmb : click here

phpbb : click here and yabb : click here are not as good, but phpbb looks nice so many people use it.

Id go for vbulletin if you can afford it
whatever you choose you will have to modify it, if you want help on that, post ehre and when i get the email, ill reply with some assistance on that. I can also put you in touch with some of my friends who modify these things all the time, one even MADE xmb

  LinuxPenguin 03:27 01 Jan 2005

oh sorry, ive read more detailedly, and isee it was weanted to be coldfusion...

the ones i recommended were all php / mysql (with the exception of yabb which is perl/mysql)

tbh its a better platform to work on, php, mysql, and there is plenty more application for it than coldfusion, which is dying out more and more these days

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