I need an extra long 9 pin serial lead - 15 -20m

  SANAP 15:42 22 Dec 2003

I need to run a serial lead from my pc to another room but cant for the life of me find anyone.where that will make it up. It is 9 pin to 9 pin m - f and I believe 4 core cable will suffice as not all of the pins are used. I could probaly make it myself but need the connectors.

Anyone know of a good place?



  SANAP 16:38 22 Dec 2003

Thanks I should have made it clear it is 15 -20 metres in length.


  Legolas 17:29 22 Dec 2003

Have a look here they say they will make up a custom length cable for you. click here

  Stuartli 17:49 22 Dec 2003
  SANAP 18:50 22 Dec 2003

thank you all and success as usual.

Merry xmas and Happy New Year.


  Stuartli 14:48 23 Dec 2003

..roll on the single currency?

No thanks, not now, not ever.

Presumably you feel you will save lots of money by not having to convert your holiday cash?

Meanwhile talk to the Italians, Germans, French, Greeks etc and find out what they think of the subject now it's a reality.....

  SANAP 15:30 23 Dec 2003

u are right, I am in Ireland and back from the UK, I watched the changeover from £ to € and recoiled in horror at the way businesses just bumped the prices up on the very 1st day and the sad thing was the government did absolutely nothing. A prime example were Doctors(the custodian of our health) here in Ireland u pay each time u visit the Doc and the charge went up by about £10.00 in old money when Euro was introduced. How sick(sorry) can u get when your own Doctor rips u off.

I hope Britain never joins the Euro, at least in my lifetime, as the same thing would happen.

Still cant get my 18 metre cable.


  Stuartli 17:13 23 Dec 2003

What's Southern Ireland financial affairs got to do with the British economy?

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