I need a convertion programme

  ameba 21:26 07 Jun 2006

I have just got a Samsung D600 mobile phone and I have a small video in wmv and mpg formay but I need to change it to mpg4 ( I think?) or into an animated gif. I know I can save it onto phone as an animated gif as I already have some on the phone.
Where can I get a free trial or totally free programme to convert to either mpg4 or animated gif.?

Thanks in advance. You guys who help out here are always great for helping out. Hope you can help here.

  Jimmy14 21:32 07 Jun 2006

that can convert wmv to mp4
click here

  ameba 21:41 07 Jun 2006

Thanks, just what I am needing.
Why can't I find these links?

  Jimmy14 22:22 07 Jun 2006

A tip for the future is because you wanted a free program, open up google and type in free wmv to mp4 and you get alot of results. The one that I suggested was a good one because downloads.com is very well respected and has alot of good programs

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