I need to buy screen and program it to show what I want - possible ?

  MichaelChmielinski 21:48 31 Jul 2014

Ok, It may be hard to explain but I will try, So basically I would like to find out whether or not it is possible to buy just a screen, like 3 or 4 inch and somehow program it, so it displays what I want. I have no idea what so ever how to do it but if I could have screen and separate 3 or 4 buttons that I can press and screens changes display After reading this I feel like a complete idiot but If someone has an answer to my question I would really appreciate it. Simply I need a screen and 3 buttons, every time I press a button screen changes.

Big thank you for the person who knows how to do it.


  lotvic 22:14 31 Jul 2014

How about a Digital Photo Frame?

  MichaelChmielinski 22:22 31 Jul 2014

meh.. seriously?!

  compumac 22:24 31 Jul 2014

What do you want the screen to display and where would those originate from?

  MichaelChmielinski 22:33 31 Jul 2014

click here I don't want a tochsreen I need screen with separate buttons, so eveytime i press button it changes what is on the screen


  MichaelChmielinski 22:41 31 Jul 2014

click here is how it looks in game, I want to do someting like this


  lotvic 23:41 31 Jul 2014

something like this? Pipboy 3000 ipod touch mod "Explained & Extended" ClickHere

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