I need advice - second hand computers

  anoush 20:09 28 Nov 2004

We currently have a Packard Bell AMD Athlon 1GHZ, 128 Ram which was top of its class when bought [5 yrs ago!]. We need urgently to upgrade, as even our basic software programs with Broadband and XP seem to have utilised all the memory.

What is our best second hand buy? [Budget around £300-450], I have been told we need at least 3GHZ...

Any help very much appreciated.


  Diodorus Siculus 20:13 28 Nov 2004

To be honest, what you have is more than enough for you - just upgrade the ram to about 512 and do a clean install of Windows.

What version of windows came on the PC? For your spec, XP should be ok but just needs the extra RAM.

No... You dont....

The machine you have currently with more memory would be more than suitable... I ran a 950 Duron with 512mb ram and it played games and other tasks fine...

  JIM 20:16 28 Nov 2004

click here

COMPAQ 1209 INTEL CELERON D 330, 2.66 GHz + 17" CRT --- Intel Celeron D Processor 330 2.66 Ghz Clock Speed -533MHz Front side bus
£379.99 --inc VAT


Intel 2.6 GHz processor

512 Mb RAM

80 Gb Hard drive

inc VAT

  VoG II 20:17 28 Nov 2004

3 GHz !! What on earth are you planning to do?

I agree with Diodorus Siculus. Go to click here and use the selector to tell you what memory is suitable. Crucial are very good suppliers as well.

To find out how many spare memort slots you have, use the Belarc Advisor click here

  Carpigiani 20:17 28 Nov 2004

It must have been a computer salesman that told you to go for 3GHZ. More RAM is all you need to run XP.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:19 28 Nov 2004

Novatech Online PC's
click here

  anoush 20:24 28 Nov 2004

I tried to install Rome Total War and with the computer's current speed and memory - it was virtually unplayable. Will this new 512mb ram be enough to deal?



  VoG II 20:26 28 Nov 2004
  TomJerry 20:26 28 Nov 2004

a few options to make it quicker depend on your desire and skill

(1) another stick of 512MB ram, cost £50, maybe
new hard drive, 80GB can be biught around £35

(2) Upgrade CPU, motherboard and memory all together Athlon XP2600 / 256Mb DDR / Motherboard Kit £119.85 click here, Pentium 3.0GHz / 256Mb / Motherboard Kit £189.95 click here, maybe a new hard drive as well.

(3) save all trouble and get a new base unit. AMD Sempron 2400+ Processor, 256MB Ultra-Fast DDR Memory, 80GB £234 click here

with your budget, you still have enough to treat yourself a LCD (TFT) monitor F415 15" TFT Black Monitor £151.05 click here

  Diodorus Siculus 20:27 28 Nov 2004

I don't know that particular game (nor any other for that matter) but would suspect that if you are into gaming, it is a new graphics card that you might need. How easily it will be to put one into a PB machine, I don't know.

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