I need advice on going wireless

  pcbobby 11:26 27 Dec 2008

OS XP Home

I would like to go wireless broadband with my PC.
The PC does not have a wireless card, but I was given a Netgear WG111 USB adapter.

My local exchange is 4.5 miles away, and I am informed that my ISP Tiscali does not have Local Loop Unbundled, so I am considering TalkTalk who do have LLU and I can therefore have up to 2Mbps. (So their website test says!!)

I understand that TalkTalk include a free issue modem, ie ADSL2+ (not too sure what that means in regard to the modem) with their BB bundle.

I would appreciate members’ advice on whether I can buy a better quality modem and haggle with TT about waiving the ‘one only set up fee’.
What modem would you recommend?

OR should I accept TalkTalk free issue modem?

Many thanks

  Marko797 11:39 27 Dec 2008

Not sure what u mean when u say ur planning on going wireless. Are u planning on going wifi with a laptop on a network which you intend to create?

If so, I think you might need a router, wouldn't u (which u hard wire to your pc via ethernet cable), and not a modem?

  pcbobby 11:48 27 Dec 2008


Hi, No not network. I just want to be able to use the PC or laptop in other parts of the house.
More especially, when I can send my grand children to play their cartoons etc so that I cannot hear the noise!
Hope that makes sense - not too savvy about this side of PC's

  mocha 11:50 27 Dec 2008

Hi pcbobby,

As Marko797 say's you will need a router to compliment your modem or you could buy an all in one modem/wireless router but make sure that it is compatible with the service you have bought into ie. ADDSL2+

  mocha 11:52 27 Dec 2008

Hi pcbobby,

Missed your last post, you will need router to connect wirelessly.

  pcbobby 11:54 27 Dec 2008

Hi Thank you.Any router that you would recommend?

  Marko797 11:58 27 Dec 2008

If u want to use a laptop in another part of the house (i.e. for internet/email) u will need to set it up (the laptop) on a network. This means the laptop accesses the internet via the router connected to the desktop.

Normal situation is that ur desktop stays where it is, and acts as a server for your internet/email.

To this desktop, u normally connect a router via ethernet cable. It's this router which provides the wifi signal to your laptop, which can be positioned anywhere in the house, depending on the strength of ur wifi signal.

  Marko797 12:00 27 Dec 2008

u might want to contact ur service provider and see what they have to offer on the router front. I got mine free with AOL, but notice that u have a different provider. Give them a call and see what they can offer you. You might be lucky and get one for free.

  mocha 12:02 27 Dec 2008

Hi pcbobby,

Some info and price checker's click here

Hope this helps.

  pcbobby 12:06 27 Dec 2008

Thank you for info.

I mistakenly thought that if I attached the wireless adapter to the laptop, then the kiddies could connect to the wireless modem (which would be located next to the telephone point in the dining room).

  Marko797 12:07 27 Dec 2008

if u want to connect ur laptop wirelessly, u need to make sure it is able to operate wirelessly, otherwise this whole exercise will be futile.
Look in device manager (rt click my computer/manage/device manager/network adapters).

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