I need advice on formatting my new hard drive.

  Chewie100 21:24 28 Sep 2004

Hi everyone,
I am still trying to decide whether to format my new LaCie hard drive in FAT32 or NTFS. It seems fairly conclusive that you can't use FAT32 in conjunction with WinXP to format volumes over 32gig, but I need to be able to swap the drive between WinXP and Mac OS 9 and X, so, at the moment NTFS isn't looking too clever either (although OS X can read files on NTFS hdd's, but read only)
So my question is, is this rule about FAT32 and WinXP not allowing volumes over 32gig strictly true? My second question is, if so, could I divide the drive into say, 7 partitions of less than 30gig each and therefore sidestep the FAT32 limitation?
Thanks for your help, and also thankyou to the people who helped me out with my other query.

  Strawballs 21:42 28 Sep 2004

You were correct about dividing your drive get yourself a copy of Partion Magic partion your drive into smaller segments then format all of them in fat32.

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