I love this forum!

  smily 13:03 25 Mar 2003

This is my first visit to here!
I like it very much!

  spikeychris 15:18 25 Mar 2003

Leo49, oops I mean Leo50 what are you saying, can you clarify that, what evidence do you have. ;o)

Watchful..."stay for awhiley" *groan*... :o)


  Goldcroft 15:21 25 Mar 2003

I'd be a millionaire by now if I hadn't discovered the forum. Beware Smily.

  Scouse 15:28 25 Mar 2003

As the name suggests, I am from Liverpool (even thogh I live in Essex) and this forum is the place to be. Don't panic, I cannot steal the wheels from your car over the net!!!!

Help - By the bucket load.

Opinions - Never short of those!

Critics - Shock! Plenty.

Good Nature - Always.


  leo49 15:37 25 Mar 2003

If I were a mischevious person I would cite the case of the thread you started recently in another place - if that isn't an example of an empty room I don't know what is.... ;o)

  recap 15:41 25 Mar 2003

Hello and welcome smily, nice to have you aboard the good ship errrrr (help me out with the rest of this line will you watchful)?

Just joking. Of course it's the helproom on PCA the best forum on the Net.

  « Ravin » 15:44 25 Mar 2003

a bit late but welcome from me too :o)

  watchful 15:55 25 Mar 2003
  Nellie2 18:20 25 Mar 2003

I resent that remark!!! Each to their own eh?

  Spook Tooth 18:32 25 Mar 2003


  muppetmark 18:46 25 Mar 2003

I have to agree with Nellie2.

spikey gave as good as he/she got. It was entertaining . :-)

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