I know time is tight....

  Simsy 11:34 31 May 2003

but I've just seen this thread. I sympathise bcause I had a similar, though not identical, task when I was a college a couple of years ago.

It seem to me the basic problem here is that "YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE "ACCESS" I was in a similar position, (we all were, the teaching was useless!)

If you have time today, go to your local WHSmiths, library, or wherever, and get a copy of "Access for Dummies". I got the version for Access 2000 and it helped me enormously. (I suspect that "The idiot's guide to Access" is just as good.) You should be able to read, and digest, enough of the information to get on with the task and complete it tomorrow. It will take you some time, a few hours in all, but no-one said being a student was easy dd they!

Good luck,



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