I know this is not a PC Problem, But can you help?

  User-312386 13:40 16 Feb 2003

Hi all

I have a Philips MX3800D DVD home player

It has a scart scocket, but no lead for an aerial to plug into. I have a scart TV so its not really a problem, but i wanted to hook the dvd up to my TV in the bedroom via a normal aerial lead.

Can anyone help on this one?


  _Treb_ 14:04 16 Feb 2003

This may work but not sure. Connect scart lead from DVD to VCR and select correct channel on VCR then use RF out on VCR to TV in bedroom.

  Belatucadrus 14:08 16 Feb 2003

You could also try a SCART adapter kit like click here# The picture isn't too good so you should check the connections. Should be available from Currys or Comet type outlets.

  Installer. 14:10 16 Feb 2003

Unless you can find a Macrovision disable hack for your dvd the picture brightness will fluctuate.

  User-312386 14:17 16 Feb 2003

will try the VCR one


  -pops- 14:20 16 Feb 2003

DVD players don't normally have an RF tuner and do not give an RF (aerial) output signal so all the advice about plugging an aerial anywhere into the DVD player will result in zero, zilch, nothing.

VCR players commonly have an RF input/output as they are designed to record as are DVD recorders. Unless your DVD player is also a DVD recorder, you are wasting your time.


  DieSse 14:23 16 Feb 2003

You should also be able to buy a modulator - this will turn audio/video (from a SCART, or other source), into a tunable TV signal.

You could also use the newer type of local transmitter, which runs directly from a SCART. This will have the added benefit of a "back channel" to carry remote control commands back to the DVD player - and doen't need any wiring - so the remote TV can be anywhere. Sample type

click here

  User-312386 20:40 16 Feb 2003

i will look into all suggestions


  woodchip 20:45 16 Feb 2003

You could buy a DVD sender unit

  davidg_richmond 20:47 16 Feb 2003

heres a link to a convertor that takes a scart/phono connection and outputs an RF connection for non-scart televisions click here

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