I keep losing my desktop picture...Why?

  Amer 15:47 22 Oct 2004

Whenever I put my computer on the desktop picture I have has disappeared and all i have is the blank Windows screen with the other desk top icons on it. This problem started when one of my kids was using A drive disc which crached the machine for some reason. Eveerything else is fine.

Any ideas.

I can manually restore the desktop picture but it diaspeears each time I restart and in some cases, while the computer is running.

I am using Windows WP

Thanks for any help


  spikeychris 18:23 22 Oct 2004

You don't have some exotic rotation system set up with your wallpaper do you? If not your system resources may be low. Right click the taskbar and click task manager to see how much
memory you have free when this occurs.

You could lock the wallpaper in, if you click here and save it to desktop then double click it, it will merge a file to your reg that prevents the wallpaper changing. Just click here and download and do as above to reverse the clampdown.

  Graham ® 19:24 22 Oct 2004

Is the picture one of your own? If so, it must be saved somewhere that Windows can get to it, My Pictures, or Desktop for example.

  Amer 22:46 22 Oct 2004

Thnaks for your help

Willl try your suggestions and see what happens


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