I keep losing my desktop picture...Why?

  Amer 15:47 22 Oct 2004

Whenever I put my computer on the desktop picture I have has disappeared and all i have is the blank Windows screen with the other desk top icons on it. This problem started when one of my kids was using A drive disc which crached the machine for some reason. Eveerything else is fine.

Any ideas.

I can manually restore the desktop picture but it diaspeears each time I restart and in some cases, while the computer is running.

I am using Windows WP

Thanks for any help


  Graham ® 19:24 22 Oct 2004

Is the picture one of your own? If so, it must be saved somewhere that Windows can get to it, My Pictures, or Desktop for example.

  Amer 22:46 22 Oct 2004

Thnaks for your help

Willl try your suggestions and see what happens


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