I keep having to install Windows !

  s99Raj 23:57 19 Jul 2005

I've got this crazy problem which started earlier today (Tues 19 July). When I switched on my PC I got the message that NTLDR was missing, so I started up the PC from CD and went into the Recovery Console and typed in "fixmbr" and then "fixboot" and then "bootcfg /rebuild" and then "exit", but on restart i got the "NTLDR missing" message again.

So this time I did a Repair on Windows, installing XP Prof over the one I had. It started OK. Now when I restarted I got the same stupid "NTLDR missing" again. I reinstalled Windows again! This has happened four times now and I'm getting pretty fed up of it. When I switch this PC off now I know that when I restart, it will again tell me that NTLDR is missing. I can't do a System Restore because all the restore points have been deleted.

Any suggestions please? I need to fix this urgently.

  Pooke 23:59 19 Jul 2005
  kyprosman 00:02 20 Jul 2005
  Pooke 00:08 20 Jul 2005

Your first link is the same as mine! A good isn't it.


  Pooke 00:10 20 Jul 2005

a good site

  kyprosman 00:15 20 Jul 2005

While I was searchin you had already posted...heh heh. Andy

  s99Raj 00:23 20 Jul 2005

Maybe I need to add that it's my serial D drive that I want to boot from. The C drive is a slave IDE drive I just use for backup data files.

  s99Raj 07:00 20 Jul 2005

It's starting up now but not "correctly"; at startup it says

Invalid BOOT.INI file
Booting from C:\windows
I didn't know I had a windows folder on my C drive since I loaded Windows on my D drive and use the C only as a backup for data files.

How can get I rid of this error message?

  swapper 07:50 20 Jul 2005

Have I been under a misunderstanding all these years? I thought that the default drive (with the O/S) should always be "C" drive.

This will change my life :-))

  s99Raj 09:53 20 Jul 2005

Well then "swapper", maybe your life has been changed, because I certainly didn't set the default drive to D when I set up Windows. I attached a serial drive and then an "ordinary" IDE drive as a slave and Windows asigned the SATA drive as D and the slave as C.

  jimv7 10:05 20 Jul 2005

Faulty ram or a faulty cpu can cause these problems you are having, on shut down windows saves files in the ram back to the hdd, if ram faulty you lose these files. This is 1 possible cause.

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