I keep getting a code 10...

  ionsurge 17:16 20 Apr 2003

I have this problem:

When I put in a graphics card into my AGP slot, everything seems fine, in that Windows knows it is there, displays in the correct display depth, and I can see the little boot up screen in before I see the BIOS screen.

But Windows keeps telling me that the device cannot start, and I have no idea why...

I have downloaded the latest Detonator drivers from NVIDIA, and still no luck, I keep getting the same error.

I don't think that it has anything to do with my Motherboard, otherwise why does Windows XP Pro know that I have changed my graphics card at all. (I have swapped my new GeFOrce with my old GeForce).

Any and all suggestions are welcome.



  TOPCAT® 17:59 20 Apr 2003

Code 10 means Windows did not properly assign an IRQ to the device.

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  spuds 18:59 20 Apr 2003

Possible due to low power supply or bad connection. Remove graphics card, check for dust and connector seating. Re-install card firmly into slot. See if that works.

  ionsurge 15:25 21 Apr 2003

Sorry for the late reply, Opera started to play up on me...

@TopCat : Windows hasn't even tried to assign an IRQ to it, saying that Windows XP Pro can't because it is not working properly.

@spuds: Tried, even dusted out all the whole machine, and nothing.. :(

Oh and the graphics cards work, I have tried and tested them on a friends machine.

  3ToedSloth 15:32 21 Apr 2003

there is sometimes an option in the bios to reserve an irq for you grahics card-is that enabled?

  ionsurge 15:35 21 Apr 2003

Checking that...

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