I just want to play Oblivion

  ollie113 11:43 06 Jun 2006

I bought Oblivion hoping it would work on my pc but it won't run. I have narrowed the problem down to being my graphics card. I then bought a radeon x700 256mb stupidly not checking my computer only to realise i don,t have a pci express slot. Is the only way to run the card changing the mother board. Is it a difficult and pricey affair as i all i want to do is play this game. I have a dell dimension 3000. Any help you could offer would make a sad man very happy.

  ?. 11:58 06 Jun 2006

MY friend has the same computer and we have just had to puot in a new motherboard just so he can get a graphics card. I expect this will be the same with yours. Firstly you need to know the socket of you CPU so you can get a suitable motherboard.

  gudgulf 12:04 06 Jun 2006

Unfortunately the Dimension 3000 has no facility to upgrade from the onboard graphics......which are totally inadequate for Oblivion.It also falls into the category of budget pcs that represent outstanding value for money.....but are not designed with upgrading in mind.

Changing the motherboard would invalidate any warranty you have and also invalidate your Windows installation.It might also not be that straightforwards a task.

Dell are known for "custom" setups which can include non standard wiring in the main power connector to the motherboard.I do not know if your model is affected by this.

It might be best to contact Dell about your problem...they may be able to offer a motherboard with pci slot as an upgrade package.They will at least be able to advise on the feasibility of upgrading.

  ollie113 16:12 06 Jun 2006

thanks for your help just wondered wether if i could get a dell motherboard with a pci express socket and my power to the motherboard was ok, would it just be a straight swap.

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