I just have to ask...........

  Morpheus© 18:27 22 May 2003

hi. this site is ace for PC related questions, but, is there a site out there which deals more into the photography side of things, i did post yesterday, and saw the post go down the page and then disappear into the distance..

PC's and digital do go together....


  Djohn 18:32 22 May 2003

Yes there is. Can't point you to one from memory, but plenty of forum users are into photo's and will help out.

When your thread drops off the first page, just make another post to it, then it will come back to the top of page one again. J.

  Rtus 18:34 22 May 2003

Morpheus© To reinsert your original post (if it dissapears as they are apt to do depending on volume of trafic on site) visit YOUR "My Postings" find the post in question open it and add a "." or refresh on Add a new response window then post ...It will bring your question back to the 1st page for a while anyway..Back soon...

  tamc98 18:37 22 May 2003
  Rtus 18:39 22 May 2003

these may help a little
click here
click here

  Forum Editor 18:45 22 May 2003

here's one that looks reasonably active
click here or, if you fancy a magazine-based forum
click here

  Morpheus© 18:48 22 May 2003

Thank you all for the quick replies.i shall trawl through the links, and see what is what.

thank you all.

  graham√ 20:14 22 May 2003

Please don't join the ranks of 'ambiguous titles' posters! :-)

  Morpheus© 20:34 22 May 2003

nice one....no..i have found a site which looks ideal..PhotographyTips. com and made my first couple of posts.......

  wunup 20:57 22 May 2003

Morpheus..are you there..its me Neo.I cant find Trinity.Tank,load a weapons programme..i need guns..lots of guns.

  Morpheus© 21:38 22 May 2003

and to make sure i have registered with "The Photo Forum" might see some of you over there one day.

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