I just can't find a laptop for me...

  furnace 18:10 16 May 2006

Hi there,

I have £500-600 to spend on a laptop, but I can't find one that matches my needs!

I want to be able to play Half-life 2 and other modern games, but I'm not an "extreme" gamer, so high graphics aren't a must-have.

I will mainly use the laptop for work (web design, graphic design), so 512mb ram is a minimum - but I could always get a 256mb and upgrade later.

Other than that, battery life, wireless internet, etc, isn't important.

I don't want on-board graphics, I'd like an X600/X700, or something similar, with 128mb memory if possible. I think an X300 would be the minimum spec graphics card for me.

Here's what I've found so far:
click here
(a little over my budget)
click here
(perfect, but a 1.4 Celeron M is still going to be very slow..?)

So that's my position, and my future is looking rather laptop-less... If anyone can help me find a laptop to suit me, I'd be very greatful!

Thank you!

  Skills 18:23 16 May 2006

Must it be a laptop as you'd get more for money with a desktop system.

However the Acer aspire 1652WLMi would seem to just about fit your bill click here and the specs page for it a can be found click here;jsessionid=CB3DDBEFC72ECAC8DC8524E12EF41BB2?dau22.oid=12885&UserCtxParam=0&GroupCtxParam=0&dctx1=17&CountryISOCtxParam=UK&LanguageISOCtxParam=en&crc=1511337695

  Skills 18:24 16 May 2006

Oops spec page can be found here click here

  furnace 18:41 16 May 2006

Yeah, I already have a desktop, but need a laptop for work on the go..!

  De Marcus™ 18:48 16 May 2006
  furnace 18:50 16 May 2006

It's a very nice laptop, only ting I'm concerned about is the 64MB video memory?

  furnace 19:07 16 May 2006

That HP DV5120EA looks great, De Marcus ... can anyone tell me how well an Amd Turion64 1.8Ghz would perform in comparison to a Pentium 4? My mind seems to work in P4's, so would it be equivilant to about 3Ghz P4?

  Methedrine 19:11 16 May 2006

These are barebones laptops

click here


click here

You have to add CPU, RAM, HDD and optical drive.
May work out a bit dearer than your budget but at least you can customise it to some extent.

Don't "flame" me if you don't like the idea. It's only a suggestion.
Personally, this will be my next project.

  furnace 19:21 16 May 2006

Meth, that is a good idea which i was actually researching into this morning, but lack of components, video card customsation and overall costs put me off. Definately something for me to consider for my second laptop purchase in a couple of years, when I'll probably have a higher budget.

For now I'm just intrigued about how well an Amd Turion64 1.8Ghz would perform in comparison to Pentium 4's?

  De Marcus™ 19:30 16 May 2006

I don't think you can do a direct comparison or for that matter a close comparison with a 1.8ghz turion and a 3.0ghz desktop, at least not reliably and one you should base a puchase decision on. The 1.8ghz turion is a very capable mobile processor and should do what you require and then some.

To give you an idea (and don't base your decision on this) my 1.73ghz centrino laptop with the x700 radeon comes very, very close (5 minutes slower) in terms of decoding/encoding to my 3.0ghz prescott, 1gb ddr ram 'conservatory entertainment' pc, which before being put out to pasture in the conservatory I considered (and still do) a very capable machine.

  furnace 19:40 16 May 2006

Yeah, I admit I shouldn't really base a purchase on that.

I've experienced a 2Ghz Pentium M with specs the same as this HP AMD laptop. Would you say a 1.8Ghz Turion would run similar to the 2Ghz Pentium M?

If so, I would have seen similar performance to what I'd guess the HP laptop has, and could use that to help make my purchase decision. Unless that's unwise, too?

It's always tricky buying off the internet 'cos you can't try before you buy. I do think this HP is what I'm looking for though!

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