I like the idea behind this

  Forum Editor 18:10 31 May 2003

and I wish you every success - community publishing is an area in which the Internet can excel.


1. The pages look too much like a series of pages from a book. Many people fall into the (understandable) trap of designing a web site as if they were designing a printed booklet or brochure, and it doesn't work. If there is a print analogy it's a daily newspaper - each page composed of paragraphs and images intermingled. Text blocks with no paragraph relief tend to create tension in a web site visitor, and the text isn't read. Reading text on a printed page is easier than on-screen, and special measures are needed if you are going to offer visitors a lot of reading matter.

2. Try to improve the site images - not all of them are of particularly good quality. Perhaps it might be an idea to include some more in the pages - use tables to make everything neat and easy to control. Each image can go in its own cell.

3. It's unecessary, and very unsightly, to have the word 'cumnocknet' repeated so many times in the navigation links - and it will not improve your search engine score, search engines are wise to such tricks, and if that one worked you would see it being used by lots of sites...but you don't.

Don't be in any way discouraged by what I realise can be viewed as negative comment - I don't mean to appear over-critical, and there wouldn't be much point if I said "great site, keep up the good work" to everyone who asked for comments. You have a good site, but it could be so much better with some tweaking.

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