I hit my laptop now it doesn't work..

  Jh432 17:32 07 Feb 2019

I hit my laptop in frustration after getting a bad beat and getting knocked out of a big poker torny, now it's stopped working. The laptop is a hp envy I bought 2 years ago and has Windows 10. It starts up and says "diagnosing your pc", then after a while says "repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete.", then after about an hour it says "Automatic repair couldn't repair your pc" and there's two options - shut down and advanced options. I've tried resetting the pc after going to advanced options, I tried resetting while keeping data, that didn't work, I then tried resetting keeping nothing and that didn't work. Both times it attempted to reset then said it couldn't reset. What do I need to do to reset my laptop without going to currys or an engineer? Is there a way to keep the data on there without paying for a specialist? I'm guessing probably not. If so though is it possible to choose what kind of files you want to retrieve? Because I have films on there I'm not bothered about but there are photos and docs I want. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Jh432 17:03 25 Feb 2019

Ok good to know, thanks.

  Jh432 12:26 05 Mar 2019

I've installed windows on the new hard drive so the problem is now resolved! Thanks very much everyone who gave advice, this would have cost £200 at currys/pc world, which is a joke and I'd never pay that but that's what they would have charged. So yeah thanks a lot much appreciated.

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