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I hit my laptop now it doesn't work..

  Jh432 17:32 07 Feb 2019

I hit my laptop in frustration after getting a bad beat and getting knocked out of a big poker torny, now it's stopped working. The laptop is a hp envy I bought 2 years ago and has Windows 10. It starts up and says "diagnosing your pc", then after a while says "repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete.", then after about an hour it says "Automatic repair couldn't repair your pc" and there's two options - shut down and advanced options. I've tried resetting the pc after going to advanced options, I tried resetting while keeping data, that didn't work, I then tried resetting keeping nothing and that didn't work. Both times it attempted to reset then said it couldn't reset. What do I need to do to reset my laptop without going to currys or an engineer? Is there a way to keep the data on there without paying for a specialist? I'm guessing probably not. If so though is it possible to choose what kind of files you want to retrieve? Because I have films on there I'm not bothered about but there are photos and docs I want. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Old Deuteronomy 18:36 07 Feb 2019

As well as being a lesson not to hit your laptop, it should show you how important it is to backup data you do not want to lose

  Jh432 18:53 07 Feb 2019

I don't know if it has a set of recovery programs to restore it to a never used state. I don't need to save any games. Can I attach photos to posts? I can take photos of the menu options. If not I just need someone who knows what to do from what I've said.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:09 07 Feb 2019
  1. you have irreparably damaged your hard drive (likely due to the error messages you are getting)

  2. you have just dislodged the drive - try removing and refitting the HDD (or SSD) and see if it will do the repair.

if 1. - then you will need to replace the drive and make boot media from MS and do a clean install of windows

  BRYNIT 19:18 07 Feb 2019

I think F11 will get you into the boot menu or recovery option. Turn off the laptop, Turn it back on and keep tapping F11 until you get the boot/recovery menu instruction should be in the HP instruction manual which you should be able to get from the HP web site.

If the recovery files are corrupt you may have to reinstall windows. Download windows media creation tools CLICK HERE, create a USB and follow the instructions from CLICK HERE. I think F11 will get you the boot menu on a HP laptop. If trying to do a clean install fails you may have a faulty HDD and may need to replacing before installing windows you should find YouTube videos on how to replace the HDD.

  Jh432 20:49 07 Feb 2019

Thanks for your responses, I'll try removing and refitting the hdd and see if that works. If not I'll try what brynit has said then if that doesn't work I assume it'll need a new hard drive. I'll update once I've done this.

  john bunyan 21:19 07 Feb 2019

If you have to replace the HD , I would go for a SSD; less prone to damage and prices have come down. You can get an adapter or enclosure that has a USB if you wanted to try using the old drive later

  Jh432 23:12 07 Feb 2019

I tried refitting the hdd, it didn't change anything it does the same thing, it ends up saying "auto repair couldn't repair your pc". I have gone into advanced options and then into recovery manager, I have then selected system recovery and have then chosen to back up files first. I've manually chosen the files I want to keep, I've then selected no compression. It then asks where I want to save the backup and I've put what I'm pretty sure is a flash drive into my laptop, it then shows it's there(shows as Removable and shows it has 989gb free space) and I click it and a notification comes up saying "a backup can be saved only to an external hard drive or USB flash drive in NTFS format. Please ensure the desired device is connected and the file system is NTFS before continuing the backup process." I click ok(only option), the flash drive is selected but I can't press next, only back and cancel are possible. (Everytime I click on the flash drive it says that message) Any idea what's wrong?

  Jh432 23:15 07 Feb 2019

And have I done the right thing going into recovery manager?

  Jh432 10:10 08 Feb 2019

Anybody know what to do? (I have just ordered a 32gb flash drive as I've remembered the one I tried to use did have some issues saving files when I used it around 18 months ago)

  alanrwood 12:01 08 Feb 2019

You are not going to get much data on a 32GB drive.

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