mesmd 11:30 29 Oct 2007

I had to replace my burned out nic chip on the MB. with a PCI USB card with 2 ports.I was then able to use a USB to Ethernet cable connector to regain my internet access. All has been fine. I also used a 4 USB powew switch to attach to the other USB port on the PCI card. That gives me 4 additional USB powered ports.

I use one for a USB hard drive and 3 spare ports for flash drives and downloading digital pictures from my camera intermittently.

For about 1 week I have been hearing the same Bell Sounds (like when you connect or disconnect a USB flash drive), although nothing is being connected!
These sounds occur about 4 times per day as I leave my computer on 24 hrs.

All the USB devices seem to work along with the connected and disconnected ones when using them.

The connections are all secure and tight.

Do you think that the PCI usb card is going bad, and making these sounds is a warning that it should be replaced?

What do you guys think?



  Fingees 11:44 29 Oct 2007

I feel it's probably something to do with the original chip fault, just showing up occasionally.

PCI cards like yours don't usually have problems like you describe.

  mesmd 11:56 29 Oct 2007

Thanks Fingees, for the fast reply. I never would have guessed the one you mentioned. If that's the case, I can go on, not worrying about an impending crash of some kind or a sudden burn out of one or more ofthe USB ports?

Thanks again,


  Stuartli 13:15 29 Oct 2007

I sometimes get the USB device connect/disconnet sound for no apparent reason - never been anything to worry about.

  UncleP 14:05 29 Oct 2007

I think the 'bell sounds' indicate a USB-connected device going on- or off-line, rather than just being connected - although often there is no difference. For example, you'll get them when a USB printer is switched on or off, although it remains connected at all times.

The 'on' and 'off' sounds are I believe slightly different. A sequence of the same would indicate a fault, although not one to be worried about if all the USB devices are operating correctly. If the sounds alternate between the two, this probably reflects the behaviour of one of the connected devices. You might be able to identify which by removing different devices and seeing if the apparently random behaviour stops.

In this instance, my money would go on the USB-Ethernet connection to the Internet - but only at the right odds!

  Graham. 15:56 29 Oct 2007

Change the Sounds in Control Panel to something different for each suspect. That should identify it.

  mesmd 20:42 29 Oct 2007

Thanks for all your replies. I really appreciate, as always, your advice and thoughts on my questions. I feel much relieved after reading the all of your thoughts. and will just not worry about this seemingly innocent issue.

Thanks again, to all of you, for your help and support.


  UncleP 09:38 15 Nov 2007

Afterthought and (inappropriate) thought:

'Ask not for whom the bell tolls - it tolls for thee'!

  johnnyrocker 09:42 15 Nov 2007

do you have mailwasher on board?


  mesmd 09:56 15 Nov 2007

I DISCONNECTED the one 40 gb usb drive, and I think it was causing these sounds. Since I turned its power off and nothing else(still connected) there have been no further sounds. Maybe the UsB HD was failing and just shutting its power to off solved the problem. All other USB ports from that powered hub work well and no more noise. Since I really do not use that 40 GB usB HD much, I will just leave it off. I bet when I try it on a different computer, it will start making noises again and probably has begun to fail?

Thanks to all for the peace of mind.


  keef66 11:26 15 Nov 2007

Does the usb ext HDD power itself down after a period of inactivity? I know my WD mybook does. That would cause the pc to think it's a usb device disconnecting.

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