I have yet to see

  Forum Editor 16:25 01 Jun 2003

a way of copy-protecting a CD that is 100% effective. Some of the methods used are crude - such as adding a second, dummy TOC (Table Of Contents) to the CD and some are extremely sophisticated encryption routines that involve digital signatures.

All the most effective methods involve sending your CD to a mastering facility where it is specially prepared for mass production and retiurned to you......sounds expensive doesn't it? That's because it is, and unless you're planning to distribute tens of thousands of copies for profit you can forget it.

My best advice would be to place a conspicuous copyright notice on each CD - make people aware that you will take action against copyright infringements. Then hope for the best. If someone makes a single copy for themselves you probably won't worry too much - it's mass copying you need to guard against.......and you can't, unless you have a deep pocket.

You might fancy trying the dummy TOC method(on the basis that you have nothing to lose) you can read about it if you
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