I have way to many processes running all the time

  Bent1 20:43 20 Mar 2017

I have way to many processes running all the time, I mean way to many, what ones can be stopped and only run when I click them to use, my laptop is way over board on processes and I just don't know what ones to delete and not to delete. Most have something to do with windows of course making trying to dig into find out what ones would not hurt to delete so people I would think there are ones out there that love to show people like me, hey shut this off delete that clean up that crap, you know who you are, help a 60 year old how to safely delete and stop things to have a laptop that is clean of un-necessary processes screwing up their computer. I've been around since windows 95 was the thing and now it's got so hard to navigate around on your computer you have to have a 10 year degree to dig into one that it boggles the mind, and mine is boggled for sure. I have a Dell 17' # 3737 cheap laptop, don't need the $4,000 dollar one just some word, photos, a lot of surfing, finding info about my disabilities and cures, so no big deal things, just want it to run smooth and not lock up, never had the blue screen of death ever, thank god! anybody got the time? Thanks in advance for any help you might have and helping me.

With Regards Ben

  wee eddie 22:12 20 Mar 2017

You worry too much.

Have a competent AV, run CCleaner and Malwarebytes once in a while (I do on Sunday evening, have a decent backup. then get on with life.

Computers are designed to cope with millions of bytes, what may seem like too many to us are meat and drink to most PCs.

If you don't like the interface, there are folk out there trying to earn a living by helping you chose a suitable one. Make their day and employ them for an hour or so. Unless you get a cowboy, it'll be money well spent and life will be simpler thereafter.

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