I have a Startup anomaly, apart from it taking 6 minutes

  Graphicool1 13:41 21 Aug 2013

Windows 7

Hi Guys, From the moment I switch my PC on till I can actually interact with it, it takes 6 minutes. It's been like this for a few months now. However, recently a new thing has started happening. When I eventually get to see the Desktop and icons, all the lettering under the icons is in italic? After about a minute and before I can interact, the lettering changes back to regular. But now a lot of the words have been abreiviated and replace by dots.

It matters not how long the words are. For instance, I have a link to Ebay, but instead of showing 'EBAY' it shows 'EB...'. I also have link to 'weatherspark', under this icon it says 'WEATHER', and it isn't abrieviated? So then I reboot and everything is as it should be. But if I then have to reboot again, when it does we have to go through the whole routine again from the top?

  woodchip 14:17 21 Aug 2013

Go to Start/Run type in the box MSCONFIG then press enter, go to startup tab, look through list of boxes with a tick in the box. all those with a tick startup at boot, you should be able to remove a lot of these. do not remove any for Anti-Virus,also if its a laptop there may be thins that you need to run at start when you have removed what you want click apply, you can restart these after if needed. Restart you PC then it will pop up a box to say changes have been made tick the little box bottom right in the box before closing it

  Terry Brown 14:20 21 Aug 2013

How much available hard drive space do you have- should be at least 25% free

Check the core temperature for overheating- suggest SIW.exe or Belarc If it is running above 45 degrees, you need to check you cooling system fans, as they may be blocked with dust or require lubrication or replacing.

How many programs are loading when you boot the system- Not windows operating system files but files like graphic programs,Office software etc.

When was the last time you defragmented the system.


  bumpkin 14:21 21 Aug 2013

I would think that the 6min startup would be the first thing to address. Could you supply some more details make, OS etc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:04 21 Aug 2013

Could be a problem with a corrupt profile (account).

You could try making a new account transferring your favourites, links, emails etc. to the new account and then delete the old account.

  bumpkin 15:36 21 Aug 2013

Apologies, missed your first line W7

  Graphicool1 16:56 21 Aug 2013

Hi woodchip

I went to 'msconfig' but I knew I didn't have much more in 'Startup' than what was neccessary. I just disabled a couple of minor things. However, while I was there I noted that under the 'General' tab it lists 3 startup choices:

(1) Normal - Load all device drivers and services.

(2) Diagnostic - Load basic devices and services only.

(3) Selective:

( ) Load System Services

( ) Load Startup Items

( ) Use original boot config.

Well, what was selected for my PC was the third option? All 3 items were ticked. While there I changed this to option (1). However, after I rebooted I went back and checked and my choice had been changed back to (3)? What's all this about?

Terry Brown

I have 294 GB Free of 465 GB

My PC case is a 'Cooler Master', the onboard heat monitor is ASUS FAN Xpert. The temperature in my room is 31F. I ran a test on the PC CPU 37.0 C and the MoBo is 35.0 C. It's set to intelligent.

At Startup 5 programmes.

Last defrag about a month ago.


No disrespect, but taking suggestions from someone who calls themselves 'bumpkin', doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

I've never tried this and I'm not sure what it intails or even how to go about it?

  bumpkin 17:19 21 Aug 2013

"No disrespect, but taking suggestions from someone who calls themselves 'bumpkin', doesn't exactly fill me with confidence."

I can understand that, I will put my wooly bobble hat back on and go out and suck on my straw whilst I ponder over a new nickname. I will think of something more cool.

  bumpkin 17:31 21 Aug 2013

Perhaps Fruit Bat is more to your liking.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:55 21 Aug 2013
  Graphicool1 10:37 22 Aug 2013


"Perhaps Fruit Bat is more to your liking."

It is, but because it has an excellent track record. However, I think you'll find that name is already taken. Keep sucking on that straw my friend, I'm sure you'll come up with something given time.


"Yes you want selective start up if you choose anything else you have to press apply Ok."

I think you might have misread my post, 'Selective' was already selected. But when I tried to change it to 'Normal' even though I clicked 'Apply' and 'OK' when I rebooted it had changed back to 'Selective'?

"check device manager"

No yellow triangles with exclamation marks.

"disable Windows updates and windows defender"

'Windows Update' is set to tell me if there is an update and as such doesn't download unless I say so. I don't use 'Windows Defender'.

"try sfc /scannow"

I already had, it found nothing.

Fruit Bat /\0/\

I followed your link and it starts with...

"If you tried to log on to Windows and received an error message"

I don't log in to Windows, I've never logged into Windows. When I turn on my PC first it goes through the following routine...

'ASUS' splash screen.

'Black' screen.

'loading Windows' animated flag.

'Black' screen,

'Blue' screen which says 'Welcome' and sports a rotating blue circle.

Screen still blue the wording changes to 'Loading'

Then the 'Desktop'

I know some people have their PC's setup with their name and passwords etc at the Welcome screen. So did I, when I had my first PC, because I thought you had to. But really, that's only for those who are either in an office environment or live in a situation where other people have access to their PC...I don't. So I've never bothered with all that.

Regarding 'Creating a new account', in my case a new account would be the first account. Now, everytime I install a new programme/software, it asks... 'For Everyone that uses this computer or only you'...I always click 'Only You'. My reason for doing this is because at first I used to click 'For Everyone'. But then I found out it would spread instances of whatever I installed all over my PC, in my opinion an unnecessary space waster. That's when I changed to Only Me.

Now, I ask you, if I create a 'new/first' profile will I still be able to access the hundreds of programmes I have installed on my PC?

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