I have to sacrifice an i7 for i5 or sacrifice mobo

  Joshua Brownjohn 01:01 25 Nov 2016

So I have been customising the prebuilds on overclockers for the last week and I will be placing my order tomorrow and I am stuck with a huge dilemma.

I only want to spend 900-1000 pounds

I am getting 16gb ram, 1060 3gb GTX, 240-250gb SSD and a 1TB Sata

Now my issue is if i go for a basic Mobo like the Asus H110i (Socket 1151) DDR4 Mini ITX Motherboard I can get an i7-6700.

However this mobo is only a 60quid mobo with very little feedback on it

Now I have seen great reviews on say the Asus Z170-P but if I go for this mobo I have to sacrifice my i7 for a i5-6600.

Am I better off sacrificing the i7 for now and upgrading my cpu in 2 years or so and just overclokcing the i5? My thoughts behind this is its far less hassle for me to just change the cpu over than take all my components off to upgrade my mobo. What are the benefits to having the better mobo? A friend of mine says theres no point wasting your time with the i5 anymore but he has an opinion on everything so I want a 2nd/3rd/4th more calculated opinion from you guys

Thanks in advance

  rickf 09:56 25 Nov 2016

I think as long as both CPUs have 4 cores and 8 threads I would be ok with the i7

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