++ I have a question about Salora LED TV analogue channels

  laptopdunce 19:59 14 Apr 2013

I have a question about how to programme analogue cable tV channel into a Salora LED TV set, it is in Holland, can you advise me where to post my question? I dont think this is the right forum?? website?? hope someone can help?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 20:17 14 Apr 2013

I have taken the liberty of copying the part of your post in your other thread that relates to the tv question other thread so it doesn't get mixed up.

" ...question in Tech forum, not sure if I need another web forum as it is related to a Salora LED TV that is in Holland, its about programming analogue channels into it, the manual says it will accept both digital and analogue channels but I cant get it to accept analog channels, my old glass CRT TV takes the analogue cable TV channels, (the more expensive digital HD channels are not enabled on the subscription) but the new Salora LED TV wont "find" the analogue cable channels, if I need a specialized TV webforum can you advise me where to post?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE"

  Woolwell 20:33 14 Apr 2013

There is a difference between digital and digital HD. Understand that you have cable tv. Does this come into a box provided by the cable company?

  Woolwell 20:34 14 Apr 2013

Suggest that you contact your cable tv supplier or use their forum.

  laptopdunce 11:26 15 Apr 2013

No there is no decoder box, this is the standard kabel TV installation in most properties, it is operated in my province by a company called www.upc.nl, I have actually had the subscription terminated last year (because it is quite expensive) BUT i am still receiving the analogue channels through the Co-ax socket on my old CRT glass TV, I have been told that the analogue channels ALWAYS stay on the service but they cut off the digital/HD digital signal if a client cancels their subscription, so as I can receive the analogue channels on my old Philips CRT TV and according to the instruction book of the new Salora LD TV it is possible to programme analogue channels into this set, my question is: how do I do it?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 11:39 15 Apr 2013

As the cable is able to display the analogue channels on old crt tv, it can't be anything to do with the cable box.

The answer will lie somewhere in the Salora LD TV's settings. At the moment it seems it is only looking for Digital Channels. Perhaps there is a setting on menu to change from Digital to Analogue. Could even be as simple as choosing the correct channel on tv (like AV, ext1, ext2 etc) like you do with a vcr. Do you have a link to the Salora tv's manual (in English)?

  lotvic 12:19 15 Apr 2013

Please tell us the exact model number of your Salora LED TV

  Ian in Northampton 13:30 15 Apr 2013

If it is a LED TV, I'd have thought the chances were high that it doesn't have an analog tuner - which may be the direction lotvic is heading in his previous post.

  lotvic 13:41 15 Apr 2013

Ian in Northampton, correct :) first thing to check is if that model of tv has twin tuner, analog/digital tuner. From a quick google not all of them have. User manuals sometimes cover several different models in the same booklet.

  laptopdunce 18:51 16 Apr 2013

Thanks Lotvic, Yes, that was the crux of the problem, I have since posted this question on a Dutch forum, circuits-on-line, and I have had alot of very good answers there from people who really understand the Dutch UPC kabel TV company, and YES, there are two tuners in that new Salora TV set, I even got a manual download off the Salora website, and it can be programmed to accept analogue only signals, (this is what happens when someone cancels their DIGITAL cable TV subscription, the cable company close down the DIGITAL signal on the coax cable socket that is in everyones house - pretty much 99% of Holland is already wired for kabel - and they leave on the ANALOGUE signal on the line, as it is the digital signal that you are paying monthly for, their rationale being that everyone wants the extra digital channels and HD digital and no-one uses the analogue signal hardly ever., or only to use for "extension" TV sets that cant be connected to the set top box if your main subscription is for HD digital with extra channels (these can only be on 1 main TV set!!!) so secondary sets are often programmed into the analogue channels. So I have to test the procedure tomorrow to see if it works, it all about NOT using the "quick start up" mode on the Salora TV set as that automatically asks me if I am using Zigoo or UPC (the two main providers) and then asks for the network key code, which of course I dont have!! but to avoid this quick set up menu and only going into a menu where you TELL the set to ONLY search for analogue channels, so, fingers crossed!!! thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 18:59 16 Apr 2013

PS: this is the actual set I have:- http://www.salora.nl/led-televisie/salora-26led7115cdw if you go to downloads on the main site and then into "handleidingen" you can get a download manual (its in English too!!) and check and see how the menu's should be - I havent read it properly yet, this is a brand of TV's that seen to be made for alot of Dutch mainstream on-line and retail outlets, its a DVD-Kombi TV set and I only wanted a modern slim, reasonably priced one that doesnt look like a TANK (compared to CRT TV's) thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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