I have a problem using Illustrator CS2

  tnelis 12:10 19 Mar 2018

Please could someone who knows how to use Illustrator cs2 advise me? I would be grateful.

I am trying to use Object/Envelope Distort/Make with Top Object I use a jpeg also a vector outline as the 2 objects.

I can't get it to work...although I have succeeded in the past.

I get the error msg "The top object must be a single path or mesh, or a symbol containing a single path or mesh."

Thank you.

I have edited your post to remove your email address - we don't offer help in that way, and in any case it's a bad idea to publish your address in a public web forum. FE 12:58 19 March 2018

  Forum Editor 13:00 19 Mar 2018

Take a look at this - see if it helps.

  tnelis 13:06 19 Mar 2018

Perfect. Thanks for your help.

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