I have a problem with my iPod

  Housten 15:48 19 Jan 2018

Good afternoon, gentlemen,

I do not know if this is the correct forum, but here goes…….

My iPod must be six or seven years old – it is the 80 GB version. For many years I thought I had left it on a holiday, so when I ‘found’ it a few months ago I was very pleased. I then looked on Apple and downloaded the latest software for it – and have three or four updates since - and getting our CDs loaded on to it was so easy I couldn’t believe it at first.

But using it lately I have found I have a problem with it. Now I must emphasise that the iTunes programme has loaded all the albums on to it, I have just let it do what it wants to and they are in a what I would call a somewhat higgledy piggledy state.

And I have a problem. There are two albums which I have listed on my iTunes on my computer. But on my iPod I have the albums And an additional 18 copies of one, 17 copies of the other and the 18 does not include where it has inserted itself into a completely different album!

What I have done was to organise the albums into alphabetical order on my computer and then downloaded them on to my iPod, which has not worked. What I would like to do – now I have some more to add to the albums on my computer - is to import these, organise them as the others and then switch off the programme. Then connect my iPod to the computer and delete all the tunes on the iPod, re-start iTunes and then hope that the programme will download the albums in the order I have them listed on the computer.

My problem is that I do not know if iTunes will allow this!! Can anyone tell me if what I want is possible or that I am heading for a disaster and just accept what I get?

Any and all replies will be very welcome. Thank you.

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