i have problem with graphic card,please help

  habs 18:57 03 Feb 2007

hi everyone

i am how wrote to you before about this graphic card.

I bought this card:sapphire 512 1950 pro agp.

i installed this card yesterday and install the software.

from today i keep getting serious error,and my pc crash,the screen gone black,i have to switch my pc off from the case,and restart it.

When i come back to the destktop and error come up saying:

microsoft windows
The system has recovered from serious error.a log ot the error has been created.

when i click on see help to see the log this the error i can see.

Error report contents
The following files will be included in this error report:

C:\DOCUME~1\habib\LOCALS~1\Temp\WERd4ee.dir00\Mini 00\mini020307-01.dmp
C:\DECUME~1\habib\LOCALS~1\Temp\WERd4ee.dir00\sysd ata.xml

Everytime i want to play the screen goes so messed(like very high resolution or very low resolution screen)again my pc froze,and again i have to restart it from the case.

none key on the keyboard worked(esc,cancel etc...)

The old graphic card was working so properly,no problem at all.

Can you please tell me what is happening?

do you think the graphic card is faulty(i don't think so) because i can see the screen.i crash randomly.

start in safe mode and then check you have the correct drivers

  brundle 19:02 03 Feb 2007

Does it have a power connector socket on the card? If so, are you sure your power supply is up to the job?

  SLAYER 19:10 03 Feb 2007

make and model of pc

  Rayuk 19:49 03 Feb 2007

Seems to be quite afew with the same problem and only answer is to get it replaced.Have a quick look here
click here

  Ben 216 19:56 03 Feb 2007

Did you uninstall the drivers for your old card completely or just put the new one in and install that? It might be worth removing all of the software and deleting any drivers for you old card and your new card. Then installing your new card again.

If you havn't already go to the manufacturers website and download the newest drivers. click here

Does this only happen when you go into games? Can you ever get further than the game menu?

You can also check if it's a Direct X problem by going Start --> Run and typing 'dxdiag', then go through the tabs, check that the window at the bottom states everything is ok, and you can run various tests.

  habs 21:53 03 Feb 2007

the psy is from novatech 600w
graphic card : sapphire 1950 pro 512 mb agp

i uninstall all the old drive from the old graphic card,download the latest drivers for the new graphic card,install it,it looks ok.

if i am using internet,watching movies,no problem

but if i play games the screen goes messed up,my pc froze as i mentioned before.

I wrote to ati technical support they asked me to:
-uninstall the software
-reinstall the latest software and download them

if i still the same problem i have to write to ati technical support tp update the result to them.

i hope to hear from you soon

thank you in advance

  STREETWORK 22:13 03 Feb 2007

If this only happens whan you play games it could relate to the Direct X driver software.

Go onto Microsoft website and search for 'Direct X'

Download it and reinstall it. This will copy over the original.

Also, visit the games website and see if any issues exist for this card with the game...

  STREETWORK 22:14 03 Feb 2007


also update your sound card driver as this can cause problems you describe...

  Ben 216 22:40 03 Feb 2007

I have a Sapphire Radeon X800, and found that if Anti-Aliasing is enabled, or if it's set too high then the game crashes. For one of the games it does it on, Call of Cthulhu, it's a problem with the game not being compatible.

  clayton 23:06 03 Feb 2007

Not sure if this link is of any use
click here

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