I have pressed the reset option in error

  Trenny 17:24 14 Aug 2016

Help! My husband has selected 'reset' and lost many of his files and programs, including Google Chrome and Windows live Mail.Is 6here any chance of recovering them?

  wee eddie 18:02 14 Aug 2016

Yes. Someone else will have tell you how, but meantime. ..

Don't use the PC for anything, you may, accidentally, overwrite some, of the files

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 14 Aug 2016

USe something like Recuva to find deleted files but the programs will need to be reinstalled after you have recovered your files

mke sure you recover the files to a separate disk or usb as you do not want to overwrite anything on the drive untill you have recovered as much as possible.

  robin_x 20:40 14 Aug 2016

Chrome and live mail can be downloaded again.

Look if files are in c:\Windows.old



Copy the profiles back to where they should be

  Trenny 13:10 16 Aug 2016

Many thanks. I had to get a technician to sort it out. It turned out that there was another problem in the machine.

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